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on the website of the Havanese bichon kennel ,Elisya. We have been breeding larger dogs, the Czechoslovak wolfdogs for a longer time now. We were looking for a smaller, sweet, spirited breed of dogs and the "Havanese" appealed to us the most. They are cheerful dogs with a very nice nature, non-conflicting and very attached to their family. They have no problem with other pets in the household, with our cats, as well as our larger dogs. It is a breed of dog that almost does not shed fur and can be bred by allergy sufferers. Our first dog was Aerin Cetya from kennel Cetya in Czechia. It didn't take long and after 3 months we brought Dellinka home. After the adoption of both sisters, next year we brought home the coveted dog from the kennel Biely Lúč.

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